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Diana Freshwater 

Apr 16 2018

You were such an amazing help to me ,calming my worries about the batterys, the one  turn signal that was not working. You had all the equipment to make things go right!!

Moving my 5th wheel I could see in my rear view mirror how careful you were hauling my rig, not speeding, taking the many dips in the road slow enough not to damage anything.

I have already told several people about your quality  workmanship and  reliability, if you care to post this letter, do it with my thank you!  

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Great people, great company!!  They took a unit from Arizona to Florida for us  on time, no damage and happy customers on both ends.  The customer service is top notch!!

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L Falter

Had my fifth wheel dropped in a really difficult tight spot .2 other people couldn't do the job.Bulldog did it in 2 hours amazingly nice people I recommend this company to anyone.

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Jo Harryman

John and Tina are wonderful to work with, we had planned over a month in advance to move our park model trailer, but the day of the move everything that could go wrong, did. Despite, all the obstacles, John delivered our trailer on time. I highly recommend them!

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Patti Ohlbach

John and Tina came through for us at the last minute when a competitor we had arranged for failed to schedule our pickup as agreed. They came right out, picked up our Jeep and brought it safely to our new home across the country exactly on the date promised. We highly recommend them for your auto/RV transport needs. Nice people, great business ethics, and wonderful to do business with.

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Larry Knoll

Bulldog RV Transport is the best! They moved my rv to Texas from Arizona with absolutely no problems.  Stacey and John the owners of the company were very helpful from the first contact to the last. If you need your rv moved they are  the go to guys.

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Very refreshing to have honest, dependable trustworthy and extremely  helpful service! 

We could not be more pleased with the transport of our RV from Texas to Arizona! Rhonda and Lonnie Evans

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Carrie Johnston

They were wonderful! They had a very complicated situation with us as our RV was parked in a friend's back yard and there was almost no room to manuver. But they got their truck in there and got it hooked up and backed it up out of there with no problems. I was so happy. Then they moved it right into our new location. Perfect! Love these guys!

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Joseph Johnston

Great company! I got my RV in a tight spot and was not able to get it out. They came to our rescue and had us out in no time. I recommend them and would refer them in future!

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Linda Kral

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT people and company.  From the very first phone call with Tina to the delivery of our fifth wheel by John, everything moved extremely smoothly and professionally.  Timing of pick up and delivery were spot on, John's patience in making sure our rig was completely level and placed in the correct location was exceptional.  We, without any reservations, recommend this company for your towing needs.

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S Houston

Bulldog RV Transport is Top-Notch! Very professional, courteous and is equipped with state of the art RV transportation equipment. A family owned business and safety orientated as well. When I called for assistance on a day before a holiday, they ensured my need for transport and set-up was complete. A beautiful family. I recommend this company with confidence. Thank you for assisting me with my move. 

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Beth K.

Phoenix, AZ

5.0 star rating 7/1/2018

Extremely pleased with the service we got.  Bulldog helped us out at the last minute when the person we had hired initially to move our 42 foot fifth wheel decided he wasn't capable 3 hours before he was supposed to move it.  Bulldog showed up on time.  He investigated our trailer several times to assure everything was secure. He took the trailer where it needed to go and it didn't take a ridiculous amount of time.  This is a family business and both he and his wife are absolutely delightful folks.  We will definitely use this company again.

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Laurie S.

Redding, CA 

5.0 star rating 4/15/2018

Bulldog RV Transportation was excellent and professional.  We had communication with everyone and knew exactly what to expect.

Great family business!!! Ran the way a business in America should be!!!

Laurie & Michael Semple

Mike Semple RV

Redding, CA

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Linda K.

Chandler, AZ

 5 star rating 8/26/2017

GREAT COMPANY AND EMPLOYEES!  From the very first phone call with Tina, to the pick up and delivery by John, the entire process went very smoothly.  The pick up and delivery timing were spot on.  John's patience with leveling and placing our fifth wheel in our preferred location was outstanding.  This is a very professional, and "safety first" company.  They cared for our rig as if it were their own.  Thank you, John and Tina, for all you did for us.  We would definitely recommend Bulldog RV Transport to anyone needing their services.

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Michelle I.

Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating 1/22/2017

I have no complaints, they did exactly what I expected. They were professional and safety conscious. Thank you, I appreciate your business.

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Kent P.

Phoenix, AZ


Excellent customer service at a reasonable price for transporting our 26 ft. travel trailer.  When Bulldog's  primary tow vehical was unavailable, John secured and paid out of his own pocket,  another truck in order to meet his commitment to us at no additional charge. He even arrived early, and did a complete safety inspection of the trailer to ensure there would be no issues on the road. Very professional and personable as well.  As I had not towed a trailer in many years, John was kind enough to give me some tips and hints I could use when towing in the future. 

Tina was a joy to speak with on the phone and provided an easy to understand email contract confirmation which I could review before the  RV transport service was provided.  She kindly listened to my needs, asked pertinent questions, and assured me that Bulldog could do the job well. They both provided a remarkable  combination of personal and professional service not often found these days ... all at a fair price. I will confidently be using them for my future towing needs and highly recommend Bulldog RV Transport to anyone. Thank you John and Tina!

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Norwood B.

Camp Verde, AZ

5.0 star rating 8/5/2017

I'd give them 10 stars if I could. John did a great job and it wasn't easy. We'd been sitting in the same spot for 7+ years. Then after moving us to a park,  he had to come back and  move us to another park. Good service and a great business. Thanks Woody & Rose

Review from email

Carol M. 

Sep 5 at 7:37 PM

Thank you so much for getting my trailer here!
i had no idea that it would be that hard to find.
You did an awesome job!!!!

Review from email

Joe Scorzafava 

Oct 19, 2017

I want to thank you for your hospitality and your wonderful professionalism and I was just want you know I enjoyed having you and your company bring my camper up here to me. John is the nicest person I have ever met. And he loves you dearly and each of your children's. If ever I   Can recommend anyone who needs someone to transport something I surely would recommend y'all. Thank you and I appreciate your service.

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Carole Foster 

Apr 18, 2017

I have to thank you for a good job in moving our 5th wheel trailer recently.  My eyes in Arizona said you did a crackerjack job as well as being very courteous.  If anyone ask for an RV mover I will certainly recommend your company.

Thanks again:)

Review from email

William Biggs 

Dec 18, 2016 

Just wanted to thank you and John for a great experience from our initial contact through the completion of the move yesterday. If you ever need a reference for someone else that may want a similar move, please feel free to contact me. 

I contracted with Bulldog RV Transport to move a Tiny House I had purchased about 60 miles through a heavy traffic corridor. My initial contact with Tina regarding the contractual terms was highly professional and all my questions were quickly answered. John was responsive and knowledgeable while planning the logistics of the move. On move day they showed up when they said they would as snow flurries threatend, and did exactly they committed to do. I followed John up the freeway during the move. His driving was careful and respectful throughout the move. All went smoothly. I will definitely call them again next time I need a move of this nature.     

Thanks for a successful move. It was a pleasure to meet you, John and your children. I don't always find great people and service on Craigslist, but I sure did with you folks.  

Review via text

June 24, 2017

John, This is Kris Stadeli confirming that the trailer was delivered and in good condition. You were professional and did a great job. Thanks.

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Herb K.



John showed up on time and made all the safety checks before hooking up. Our Toy Hauler was towed 175 miles to an rv campground in northern Arizona without incidents. John backed our rig into a fairly tight spot and in no time we were leveled and ready to occupy. I plan on using Bull Dog again in Oct. 

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Joseph J.



Very positive review our RV was in a bad spot and could not get it out. They saved us and had us out in no time.

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Fred D.



I must say surprised is an under statement. I didn't know what to expect. But Tina and john. Made the job of getting my trailer here so smooth and painless for me. I had lived in a camper for four years. And my dad gave me a 38 ft. Fifthwheel. Only thing was he lives in phoenix and i live in a place called westcliffe Co. 750 miles away. So getting it here was going to be very hard on me. I'm disabled with a back injury and a nerve disorder. Stress just about kills me. The drive from here to phx. Was a very painfull trip. With the highway patrol stopping me and all. But from that point Tina made it so easy to deside. And very helpfull, in that she said if it had sit very long. Her husband john had said that the wheel bearing should be repact. Because they will alot of times go out on the road. So i repact them and had no trouble at all. All i can say is they are a great company, john does a fantastic job of getting what i needed so bad here and in safe and courteous way. Thank you so much for getting my new home here safe and sound. God bless you and all of yours. Stay safe and strong. 

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Melody Wilson


If we could give 10 stars we would! What a professional, trustworthy & dependable company Bulldog RV Transport is! We have used their services twice now & would not hesitate to call on them again. Tina & John are personable, reliable & they keep you informed each day of travel status while on the road. If you want the best, Bulldog RV Transport is there for you! Thank you so much! 

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B. Roach


FANTASTIC experience!

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Norwood and Rose Boadway


I would give Bulldog 10 stars if I could. He was very helpful and went beyond expectations to get us to our new park. We couldn't find a better transport company.

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Jim and LeeAnn Parkinson


Nice folks - called ahead to say they were delayed which we appreciated. John was knowledgeable and worked quickly. A branch on a tree needed to be cut to avoid hitting the 5th Wheel and John insisted on being the one to climb the ladder and cut the branch. In our opinion that's going above and beyond! We highly recommend Bulldog.

Review from UShip

Rating: Positive

Company: Bulldog RV Transport LLC

Left by: Dispatch C.

On: 5/18/2017

Communication - five stars

Care of Goods - five stars

Punctuality - five stars

Services as Described - five stars

Outstanding job on the transport!! Did a great job keeping us contacted each step of the way as well as keeping the transport moving in a timely manner. Went over and above to be sure that unit was good to go and even took the time to pack bearings on the trailer.

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Jason Beaty

Sep 29, 2016

Bulldog's transportation services where reasonably priced, but most importantly they really go above and beyond to keep you RV safe while in route! I would recommend to all!

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Jo Harryman  recommends Bulldog RV Transport.

July 17 · 

John and Tina are wonderful to work with, we had planned over a month in advance to move our park model trailer, but the day of the move everything that could go wrong, did. Despite, all the obstacles, John delivered our trailer on time. I highly recommend them!

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George Krizenawski  recommends Bulldog RV Transport.

May 11 · 

Picked up my horse trailer on schedule, delivered on schedule, in contact once or twice a day. Very professional service, would call for my next move. Thanks

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John O'Coy reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

March 1 · 

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Lisa Iannone Kramme reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

August 5, 2017 · 

Professional prompt excellent service at a fair price..

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Sandra Beatrice Houston reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

July 9, 2017 · 

Bulldog RV Transport is Top-Notch! Very professional, courteous and is equipped with state of the art RV transportation equipment. A family owned business and safety orientated as well. When I called for assistance on a day before a holiday, they ensured my need for transport and set-up was complete. A beautiful family. I recommend this company with confidence. Thank you for assisting me with my move. 

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Kirby Myers reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

May 29, 2017 · 

I've never used a professional before - having pulled my own trailer with a truck, but a vehicle trade wouldn't allow me to move my 5th Wheel!! John and Tina to the rescue!!! Precisely ON TIME, no nonsense, safety inspection, hook-up and get rolling!

The price was fair and John even managed to nurse my shredded tire to the tire store and we went on with no further damage!!! Thanks for a great day John... I'll call again if I move elsewhere!

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Justin Halterman reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

January 23, 2017 · 

Excellent choice for your transportation needs. Very professional and reliable. We highly recommend Bulldog RV Transport.

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Ross Cline Jr. reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

January 9, 2017 · 

Tina & John are really awesome. They are great to work with and very pleasant. I recommend them to anyone that is in need of their service. They took time to ask us questions, they asked for pictures and worked with us even though the weather was a real challenge. Thank You Tina and John.

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Jane Charnley reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

November 20, 2016 · 

Excellent service from this company. They moved our 5th wheel with the roof attached! Saved us alot of money being able to provide this level of service. Normally this is not possible. You have to take your roof off piece by piece, move the trailer and install a new roof. Loss of thousands of $. Moving it with the roof on was fantastic. They pulled permits for the move and were insured. All the professionalism you could ask for. Down to earth people, easy to communicate our needs to. They put extra time into positioning our trailer perfectly on the new lot even after a long and stressful trip. We will recommend this company to everyone we know.

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Sheri Morris reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 5 star

October 19, 2016 · 

John and Tina Stacy went above and beyond to service my needs and have the patience of Saints. John traveled 400 miles with my fifth wheel, had a flat tire and drove in hurricane force winds to get it to me to the Oregon Coast. He helped me take down and set up and showed me how to operate various things. What a wonderful and professional company with a personal touch. I highly recommend Bulldog RV Transport!

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Jack Eagle reviewed Bulldog RV Transport — 4 star

September 28, 2016 · 

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Jay Wood wrote on Bulldog RV Transport's Timeline.

Mar 03 (2017)

I highly recommend using Bulldog RV Transport! Great communication and very reasonably priced. Tina was great on the phone and John was punctual for our pick-up. I was happy to support a small business. Overall positive experience. Thanks guys!